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The secret behind hides® products is our Double Roll Technology. The Double Roll Technology enhances the natural memory and elasticity characteristics of the microfiber resulting in an eyewear case/cleaner that quickly and effortlessly rolls back into shape after each use.


To ensure maximum performance and additional safeguards, hides® also incorporates several design enhancements to accentuate maximum performance and exceed our customers expectations.  For example, we have selected microfiber and surgical-grade silicone tubing as the key constructive elements of all hides™ products. Microfiber offers the ideal combination of light weight, elasticity, comfort, memory retention, ink adhesion, softness, multi-material lens safe cleaning ability, washability and the overall durability required for our customers’ demanding applications. The surgical-grade Silicone tubing allows all hides® models to snugly and securely fit a very wide array of eyewear styles.

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