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More than any general before him, Napoleon demanded precision from himself and from those who served him. No detail was too small to be omitted from his thinking and planning. For this Emperor-surrounded with Europe's art masterpieces and most alluring women-a precision plan that worked was a true object of beauty.

Often, in going over his carefully detailed maps on the eve of a battle, the Emperor would reach into his pocket and, for emphasis, point to a target with a small pocket comb. Napoleon's combs, like the clocks he relied on, came from Switzerland-a country whose workers even then had established an envied reputation for accuracy and precision in everything they made. This fierce pride of craftsmanship was something Napoleon was not alone in admiring... and it is for these same reasons that Speert combs, brushes and hair ornaments were and still are prized across the length of Europe for their distinguished workmanship and elegance of detail.

Today - just as in 1792-"quality" in a comb or brush is something you can actually feel... not just in the smooth surface finishes of every Speert product, but in the luxurious, effortless way it glides through the hair. Nine generations of proud Swiss craftsmen have perfected Speert's hand workmanship techniques. So there's a rightness about every Speert product which simply cannot be matched in products made by machines.

Speert invites you to compare each of its products against similar items from any company at any price. Because only Speert brings you the measurable superiority you'll find in the world's only fully handmade combs, brushes and hair ornaments. Moreover, the elegance of line and styling details you'll find in Speert products have been setting the fashion pace for generations ... and continue to do so today.

Since the age of Napoleon, Speert craftsmen and stylists have produced over 2 million different designs of combs, brushes and hair ornaments... and today the Speert name still stands for variety and unexcelled quality. Speert products are-beyond question, beyond comparison-the finest of their kind available anywhere. Period.

When you buy our quality fashion accessories online, you will feel the difference!

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