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Dec 21st 2018

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Aron - Calabria Flexie 718

Excellent Reading Glasses

These are great reading glasses. Soft, flexible earpieces make them lightweight and comfortable. All strengths available. Best ones yet. Great service. Arrived quickly and well packaged.

Aron - Calabria Flexie 718

Helga G. - Speert Comb #16

Handmade European Comb

I love this comb! It's perfect for long hair, and the teeth are far apart enough that they don't tear out hair like small combs or brushes. Highly recommend.

Helga G. - Speert Comb #16

Sav S. - Eyeglass Holder CA-500

Great Buy!

Slim, trim, sleek....perfect size. Love the weighed bottom so it won’t tip over. Just what I was looking for!

Sav S. - Eyeglass Holder CA-500

Andy S. - Neck Hanging 762

Great Glasses

These neck hanging readers are great. Now I never lose my glasses or wonder where they are.

Andy S. - Neck Hanging 762