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Reptile Sun was founded in 2000 by a team of designers and optic professionals with one singular purpose – to build the best quality performance sunglasses in the industry. We started with lenses formed in our patented process with the highest quality German glass, layered, and polarized to neutralize glare with an absolute commitment to clarity. Individually machined and fitted Japanese hinges and metal are then overlaid with a high-resin polymer to create frames with flawless fit and finish.

Reptile Sun Polynium DHD 160°TM is a patented digital lens design engineered to provide enhanced High Definition vision throughout the entire lens. The advanced back surface digital processing converts frame information, fitting measurements and Rx to a data points file that controls the generation of the optics in the lens. This computerized program results in a lens customized for the wrap angle of the frame, the Rx, the wearer’s PD and the position of the frame on the face in the “as worn” position.
The end product delivers sharp, clear vision all the way to the periphery of the lens; in prescription strengths that no other sunglass brand offers.






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