Computer Reading Glasses

There comes a time for most people when they need glasses. They may not need them all day, every day, just when reading. Now, however, many people spend a lot of time reading a screen, and that’s a different sort of thing. The light produced by the computer screen puts a different sort of strain on your eyes than reading a paper page.

If you spend a large portion of the day looking at a computer, you may develop symptoms such as blurred vision, dry eyes, headaches, and more. In addition to being symptoms of presbyopia, these can also indicate a condition called computer vision syndrome (CVS). This is not usually a dangerous condition, but it can become a real irritant and it’s worth seeing your doctor just to be sure that is the problem.

Computer reading glasses are designed to do more than help you read; they address issues that develop from sitting close to a computer screen, which is not the same distance as a page. When you read text, you hold it near your face. When you read a computer screen, it is out further from your face than a standard page, but not far enough to be considered distance vision. Computer reading glasses have single vision lenses with an in-between strength that allows you to see at that intermediate distance.

Of course, you may also have the option of getting progressive lenses in your normal glasses, rather than getting second pair of computer reading glasses. Progressives are multi-focal and allow you to transition between vision distances. Some lenses may also be purchased with a special coating that helps protect your eyes from the bright light and glare of the computer. If you’re interested in pursuing these things, talk to your doctor.

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Experiment with Bold Frames in 2017

img08All fashion trends change; sometimes it seems as though they do so each minute. A few reappear from time to time, and even fewer last through the ages. Trends in 2017 are no different. It seems, however, that ads everywhere are encouraging consumers to be more bold—when it comes to eyeglasses, that is.

Everywhere you look, models are sporting the latest in designer lines, and some are noticeably funky—in a good way. For example, “geek chic” seems to have returned once more. Over-sized, thick frames are no longer for nerds in 80s films. Instead, with a suitable face shape and confidence, they’re a fashion accessory statement.

Many retro styles continue to be popular—having been back in style for a while, now. The cat-eye look associated with the 50s is both smart and chic. And, you are far from limited to plain, black rims. You can have the shape in various colors, plastic, metal, and in combination. If you’re not into the over-sized look, go for small and round. Much smaller, circular frames add a touch of vintage form to function.

Look on pages and in stores, and you’ll find styles to suit every persona. Bright, eccentric, even loud colors and shapes are available for those who like bold fashion statements. However, if that is simply not your taste, there are plenty of classics that never go out of style. Simple, lightweight, rimless glasses provide better vision without the weight. And, standard black frames to suit your face are always appropriate for any occasion.

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The Need for Sunglasses

New PictureSunglasses are a common fashion accessory. They come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles to suit all looks. They can be prescription lenses, or not, or your prescription eyeglasses can be transitions and change when you step into the light. Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement; they’re essential protection. Despite the options we have that make wearing them more convenient, too often we go out without our sunglasses and it’s bad for our eyes.

Good eyesight does not last a lifetime for most people. To extend the life of our eyes we must take precautions. The sun can injure eyes in many ways. It can merely irritate, or it can cause cataracts—a cloudy film over the lens. It can also make certain conditions worse, like glaucoma and macular degeneration, both of which can lead to blindness. This is why doctors insist upon sun protection after any procedure. Even if you can see without them, your eyes become extra sensitive to the sun.

Sunlight may brighten things, but that does not mean you’ll see well. When the sun is so bright, it is difficult for eyes to adjust. Sunglasses offer just enough shade so that your eyes can relax and focus better, and so that you can see.

Cancer is a risk, too. The eyelids are sensitive, and though the lids are hidden when the eyes are open, they can develop skin cancer. Sunglasses prevent this better than sunscreen.

Of course, sunglasses protect from the elements, too. Wind, rain, and snow can get in the eye and irritate. Debris like dust can not only irritate, it can scratch the eyes, which can lead to much more serious problems, such as infection.

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When It’s Time to Get New Glasses

eyeGoing to the optometrist can sometimes feel like a hassle. It becomes one of those tasks that you simply must do for your health. However, one of the fun things about doing it is the potential to get new glasses. Even if it’s not time to see the doctor again, there are other reasons to consider getting new glasses.

If you’re having trouble with your vision for any reason, or if your prescription has been the same for over a year, it’s time to see your optometrist. This does not mean that your vision will have changed enough for a new prescription. However, if you’re struggling with your vision, going to the doctor is the best way to help with that. If not, at least you can get some new frames out of the ordeal.

Scratched, or ill-fitting glasses are a good reason to look into getting another pair. Leaving scratches alone and continuing to wear them, even small ones, could affect your vision. Glasses that no longer fit properly could, too. You might start experiencing headaches and blurry vision. Of course, those symptoms should be checked by an optometrist to make sure that they’re not related to something other than the glasses.

You also don’t have to have any reason to get new glasses, other than wanting them. If you’re bored with your frames, go get another pair. Many providers offer deals that allow you to get a second pair for a reduced price. In fact, when you get a pair of glasses initially, consider getting a backup pair in another style so that you won’t get bored.

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The Struggle with New Glasses

New glasses can be great things. You have improved vision and a new style. However, sometimes you cannot see clearly the first time you wear them. In fact, your new pair could make you want to wear your previous ones. It is important to remember that it often takes time to get used to new glasses.

For many people, a new prescription is only a minor change. Eyesight generally changes slowly. Thus, it may be tempting to forego a visit to the optometrist and to keep the current pair of glasses or contacts. However, you may not realize just how much your current vision is affecting you. Sometimes the signs are subtle. However, if you have not seen your optometrist in one year to 18 months, and you have even minor headaches, blurred vision, or other signs of vision issues, wait no longer.

If you get your new prescription and things are not perfect right away, don’t give up. Talk to your optometrist, and she or he will probably tell you to give it time. Depending upon the type of prescription, you may need to give it a few days, perhaps a week or more. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions, and wear the new prescription consistently. If you give in and go back to your old prescription, you could make it more difficult for your eyes to adjust to the new one.

Start the day with them. If they start to both you, take a break from them, but don’t put your old ones on. If you also have contacts with the new prescription, use those. If not, just take a break. Close your eyes for a moment, or moisturize your eyes with some drops.

If you give your new prescription a little time, you’ll surely find they serve you well. If you’re in the process of finding the perfect new glasses for your prescription, come to Speert. We can handle anything you need.

A Need for Lighted Reading Aids

examples_ledliteWe all know the symptoms of trying to read in poor lighting conditions—eye strain, headaches, and some temporary eyesight problems. Sometimes, the lighting isn’t necessarily poor, but your vision needs the help of some extra light. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of experiencing the problem, nor should you let the problem persist for any reason. The problem can happen to people of all ages.

In recent years, people have also begun to realized just how easy it is to suffer negative effects of reading on their devices too long, and too late at night. The brightness of the computer screen or smartphone can cause similar symptoms to low-light reading—headaches, eyestrain, and trouble sleeping are all believed to be caused by staring at phones and laptops too long. Now that use of these devices often begins at a very young age, children are susceptible to the symptoms. There are ways of correction the issue, and one is lowering the brightness setting on the device and using a lighted reading aid.

There is a wide range of devices that aid reading in bad lighting, or for those who have trouble reading without extra light. They are suited for everyone’s situations. These lights can clip to your electronic device, to you, to your glasses, or they may stand near you. They may have magnifiers of different strengths, too. The light can be as bright as you might need and some are specifically designed to suit individual needs—they may be for reading in very low light, or looking at a laptop and phone for long periods of time.

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How to Save on Glasses

Glasses and contacts can get expensive. Prescriptions only last so long, contacts have to be reordered, and glasses sometimes break. It’s entirely reasonable for anyone to want ways to save on their glasses and prescriptions. Here are some suggestions to help you save on glasses:


Get Vision Insurance

It may seem too simple or obvious, but it is quite common for people not to concern themselves with vision insurance—they are mostly concerned with affording general health insurance. But, vision insurance is often not expensive; it is quite easy to save for it. There are plenty of reliable vision insurance providers, which means you can get quotes from as many as you need to do effective research. Choose someone affordable and reliable, and who will give you all the benefits you need to keep up your prescriptions. And, make sure your optometrist accepts it, too.

Buy from Online Retailers

Many people ask why glasses and lenses are so expensive. The answers are not always satisfactory. However, if you consider some slightly alternative sources for your needs, you can not only find discounts that make those brand names far more affordable, but other options that are as well-made as the expensive brands. They may even make owning more than one pair possible.

Set Money Aside

Save the way that you save for other things in your life. Every time you set money aside for your life savings, vacation savings, and other needs and wants, set some aside just for your prescription. Before you know it, you’ll have more than enough for what you need.

Avoid Unnecessary Extras

Don’t succumb to the pressure to add a lot of extras to your lenses, or buy more expensive frames. Go in knowing exactly what you want and need. If you feel your lifestyle or prescription really warrants a more expensive type of lens, then go for it. But, don’t do it just because a salesperson says it’s best. Do your research and save on glasses; don’t spend more than you must.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Those with Glasses

depositphotos_32459317_m-2015Though Christmas day has passed, it’s still that time of year. New Year’s Eve is coming and people around the world are searching for gifts for the people in their lives. If you are searching your brain for ideas, consider these for the person in your life who wears glasses regularly:

Eyeglass Cases and Holders

If you wear glasses often, you know that it can get tricky carrying them around and setting them down. For people who only wear them to read, or in front of the computer, they need someplace to set them where it’s safe. Eyeglass cases come in a wide variety of materials, colors, and prints, as do holders. Whether you need to carry them around, or just set them down where they will be safe, having a nice-looking case, or place to do so is a very useful thing. Consider giving that gift to your eyeglass-wearing friend or family member.

Stocking Stuffers

There are plenty of little “somethings” that you can add to a family member’s stocking this year. Holiday-themed cloths are just a single idea. There are many kinds of eyeglass cleaners, too, and other accessories.

Eyeglass Repair Kit

Eyeglasses can be expensive and not everyone can afford to get new glasses each time something goes wrong. An eyeglass repair kit is an excellent gift to help keep your friend in their favorite frames until the time comes when replacing is absolutely necessary. A lens care kit with all of the cleaning and repairing essentials is great, too.

A Gift Card

A gift card to Speert for accessories or new frames is great, too. You can help keep your family member in the best glasses, with the best lenses. We not only offer gift cards, we have specials and discounts regularly to make things more affordable.

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Transition Lenses or Sunglasses?

New PictureThere are pros and cons to wearing eyeglasses of any kind, but, generally, there is great flexibility in wearing glasses. You have many choices in terms of style and comfort. All this includes sunglasses. Now, there are not only prescription sunglasses, but transition lenses and clip-ons. Out of the options, which is best?

Transitions obviously have significant advantages. They are made to be clear when you are indoors, and light is mild and unobtrusive. Then, they automatically darken to protect your eyes when you go out into the sunlight, essentially transforming into sunglasses before your eyes. This means that you only need the one pair of glasses, and no additional sunglasses. To some, this is reason enough to choose transitions. However, others enjoy the variety of looks associated with multiple pairs of glasses and sunglasses, and would like the option of switching.

However, transition lenses have a UV light-blocking limit; they only darken so much. So, some people might need the additional UV blocking power of a darker pair of sunglasses. In some circumstances people need 100% UV protection. Plus, transition lenses only darken in UV light. This may pose a problem for those circumstances in which the sunlight is bright, but they’re protected from direct UV rays, like when driving in a car—car windshield protect from UV rays, so transition lenses may not be much help. Again, these may be moments in which a separate pair of dark prescription sunglasses are best.

In the end, it is not about which is best overall; it is about which is best for the individual person. Transitions may work great for many, and have their advantages. But, some people find they need more UV-blocking power to feel comfortable and see well. When you decide what you need, Speert has it. Just take a look at all that we have to offer.

Eyeglasses and Headaches

Eyeglasses are meant to solve problems. They are meant to improve your eyesight and all of the things that may come with poor vision, such as headaches. However, on occasion, people find themselves suffering no matter how well their vision seems, or how well their glasses fit.

When you first get your new glasses, any doctor will tell you that adjustment takes time. Barring any immediate and severe issues, you want to stick with your glasses as long as your doctor recommends. However, if you find you have headaches or dizziness no matter how hard you try to adjust, the first thing you should do is talk to your doctor about your troubles.

When you do so, you need to be as specific as possible about from where the pain seems to originate:

  • How soon after you put the glasses on does the pain begin?
  • Does removing the glasses help, or make it worse?
  • Are you squinting to see?
  • Is the headache obviously originating from places where your glasses touch your head?

In some cases, it may be quite obvious that your frames are the culprit. Pressure from glasses on your nose, behind your ears, or your temples can cause problems. If this is the case, check with your doctor and look at other frame options. Perhaps you need something lighter and more flexible. Or, maybe you need an adjustment of your current frames. There are also some people who simply cannot wear glasses at all.

Otherwise, your doctor may want to check your prescription. You may need a subtle adjustment, or have an issue that was missed the first time. Many people benefit from owning both glasses and contacts. Glasses allow the eyes a “rest” after wearing contacts for a long while, and vice versa.

If you need new frames for any reason—headaches, or it’s just time for something new—you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Talk to your doctor and get what you need from us at Speert.