Get a Better Hairbrush

Dec 21st 2018

There are simply too many hair brushes out there of every shape, size, and style to choose. They all serve different purposes and different hair types, and they’re not all made equal. You want the right one for your needs, and it’s more important to have that than you may realize. While over-brushing can be a problem—gone are the days of the 100 brush strokes that we now know can damage your hair—you still need to comb and brush regularly for healthy hair. So, get a better hair brush.

The Round One

The Round brush is an excellent styling tool. If you blow-dry your hair, it can give you that touch of curl. The small barrel ones give volume and tighter curls, while the larger ones round your hair with less volume and more smoothness.

The bristles make a difference, too. Wood brushes with plastic bristles will help you dry smooth and shiny, while the ceramic and metal ones will straighten better. Half-round brushes are also useful for a slight curving of the hair, but not for curling; bobs and bangs work well with this brush.

The Flat One

The flat brush is a classic. It’s great for straightening when you dry, detangling when it’s wet, and standard brushing. You can use it on any type of hair, as long as you’re not worried about your curls being overly frizzy. When it comes to the bristles, you want something that feels good on your scalp.

All these brushes may be standard, or vented. The vented ones are best for blow-drying since they let air come through. The bristles should stimulate your scalp, but never use a brush if they scrape and hurt you. A good brush can make a difference in your hair’s health, so choose the best.

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