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Smith Optics glasses and goggles feature lenses designed to help you see clearly in a variety of lighting conditions. Polarized lenses block horizontal light waves to reduce glare, but ChromaPop lenses from Smith go one step further to ensure visual contrast and clarity. ChromaPop lenses filter intersecting wavelengths of light in order to separate colors and create more definition and detail in your surroundings while allowing for a more accurate perception of color.

The construction of Smith glasses makes them ideal for outdoor activities. Lightweight materials and durable polarized lenses lend themselves to hiking, driving, fishing or cycling. Your ideal sporting glasses for golfing or kayaking need to perform along with you. Non-slip and breathable nose pads contribute to comfortable wear in an outdoor sporting environment when you need your glasses to stay in place. Auto-lock hinges allow for easy one-handed use when you need to take them off or put them on, keeping a hand free to stay focused on your task.

Customize Smith Optics eyeglasses with your prescription for superb clarity in Smith’s innovative eyeglass frames. Durable polycarbonate lenses made with single-vision, bifocal or progressive prescriptions up your eyewear game. Add a sunglass tint for prescription sunglasses, or light-adjusting lenses for when your day takes you both indoors and out.

Smith Optics

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